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Who We Are - Benola


We are a family oriented Initiative using our experience in managing a fully dependent, non-verbal male child living with Cerebral Palsy (DOB: 14th June 1996), to raise awareness about this unique condition, help affected families to better cope with their situation and government/private sector organisations know how to assist these affected.

Founded in 2013, Benola Cerebral Palsy Initiative is a Non-Government Organisation committed to using that experience to help parents who would otherwise, have resorted to more drastic measures like infanticide, outright rejection or abandonment in an institution, as a form of response to having a child with such a disability.

We are focused on professionally networking families, friends, healthcare professional, caregivers and educators in order to keep them abreast of current trends and better management options for Cerebral Palsy.

We are also committed to change and progress for persons living with Cerebral Palsy. We strive for their inclusion into society in order to ensure that they and those who care for them live the best possible lives under the peculiar circumstances in which they find themselves.

We achieve this objective through forward-thinking programs like information and referral services, capacity building, advocacy, and research designed to help those living with Cerebral Palsy, find ways to better cope with their unique circumstances.

Our Vision

An inclusive Africa in which those living with Cerebral Palsy get proper recognition and are given equal opportunity to fully develop and exploit their potentials.

Our Mission

To become the lead supportive agency on Cerebral Palsy in Africa and a leading advocate for the rights of those living with limitations.

Our Strategy

1.   Having succeeded in our second year of operation, in producing a document, Benola‚Äôs Roadmap for Cerebral Palsy in Nigeria, which identified key issues impacting negatively on the rights of children living with the condition and explored areas through which Government, at all levels, could take the leadership role in ensuring that necessary tools for effective management of the condition are put in place with active participation of the organised private sector and Civil Society Organisations, we currently working on;

  • Finding more innovative ways of raising awareness about Cerebral Palsy,
  • Creating a credible Data Base for Cerebral Palsy,
  • Providing counselling for affected families,
  • Acquiring additional knowledge about current trends in the management of Cerebral Palsy and use of appropriate technology,
  • Advocating for the rights of every individual living with limitations.

2.   In addition, we are building in-house capacity which will place us in better position to provide training on Cerebral Palsy and Early Intervention Techniques for Healthcare providers at the basic, primary and tertiary level.

3.   Using these programs we hope to build a vast next work of Benola Volunteers who will help spread the word about Cerebral Palsy and bring about an appreciable change in the general mind-set about Cerebral Palsy and Disability Management in Nigeria in the first instance and Africa in the long run.

Our Culture


We run an operation built on global best practices, aimed at providing a veritable platform for the projection of the best of Africa to the rest of the world.


We strive to add value within and beyond the environment in which we find ourselves.


We develop and nurture professional skills and behavior among those who manage or provide care for individuals living with Cerebral Palsy and other limitations.

Our Core Value


We see challenges as opportunities and view all boundaries as temporary barriers in our drive to attain desired objectives.


We dare to make a difference and be accountable.


We work with other organisations and the community, to create a better understanding of Cerebral Palsy and other limitations.


We seek for the development of mind and body, while pressing others to do the same.


We do the best we can, in the right way and at the right time, while building an enduring relationship with our partners, based on trust.


We subscribe to these words by President Bill Clinton, "It just struck me that this was a problem that cried out for organization and entrepreneurial skill. And that for a relatively small amount of money, we could have a huge impact."


We treat each individual with dignity and respect.