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The Unique Emotional Challenges of Accepting your Child`s CP Diagnosis

With CP, the developmental challenges a child faces vary tremendously. Even at the time of diagnosis it's not necessarily clear what individual challenges your child may or may not face. And what you hear may not even prove accurate. This means that as a parent it may be unclear what you will need to accept. Parents may find themselves riding alternating emotional waves of hope/despair/relief as your child's developmental pieces come together (or don't).

This is not to discourage you, but to let you know others understand how tough and confusing it can be. Several parents face this challenge and wonder why they are still struggling. The answer is that you are struggling because this isn't easy and because what you are being asked to accept may be changing. But the ground levels out with time. As your child gets older, you learn more about yourself, your child, this journey, and you become better equipped to weather the storms. Eventually, you will be able to look back and help lift others up.

In the meantime, grab whatever support system that is available to you and look for fellow travellers along the way to help keep you going strong.