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What People Are Saying About Benola

I shed tears of joy yesterday when I saw the alert because I had nothiin my account before. I was thinking deeply then message entered my phone and boom it's alert from your office. Thank you so much and thank daddy for me. God will replenish his pocket abundantly.


Woah amazing just received 20k may God continue to multiply you in every area of your life. What a wonderful family more joy in Jesus name. Thanks so much I really appreciate.


20,000 alert received now , thanks to Benola team really appreciate your support sis for this wonderful opportunity God bless you and benola team all. Thanks


I want to thank BENOLA CP Foundation for the #20,000 given to me and my son.God almighty bless BENOLA beyond their expectations amen.


Thank you very much seeing alert for 20,000. Am most grateful. May the Lord bless and reward everyone behind this initiative especially Mr Gbadebo and family. Thank you.


Whaoooo I just receive an alert of 20,000 from Benola. I don't know how to thank you enough Sir. May God continue to bless you and your team and lift you higher and higher in Jesus mighty name Amen.


I just received an alert of 20,00, on behalf of my family I want to say a big thank you to our daddy and Benola team, the Lord will bless you all.Aseyi samodun

( Y.E)

Wow!!! I just received the sum of #20,000 and I want to say a very big thank you to our daddy and Benola Initiative for this money and am so grateful this...... may God continue to bless you abundantly in Jesus name (Amen)


All praises and adoration to Almighty God. I just received the alert of #20000 from Benola Initiative. Am so grateful. May Almighty God never forsake u Daddy Benola and team. May u all encounter God's mercy always. I am highly grateful Sir. May Almighty God reward u all d donors abundantly


20,0000 alert received, on behalf of son and I I say a very big thanks to Benola team. The lord will continue to bless you more and more, higher and higher. Thanks sir and the Benola's I say thank you all


Benola Initiative, I thank you so, so much, I've received the sum of N20,000 now now , higher you in the name of GOD , you are afunilounje ma wobe


I just received the alert of #20,000 now. God bless Benola team, thank u very much the Lord will continue to lift u higher and higher in Jesus name thanks


Alert! Alert!! Alert!!! The degree of loving is measured by the degree of giving my self and my family grateful received the sum of 20,000.00 and we will always be grateful.


#20,000 well received. On behalf of myself and family we say a big thank you and Almighty God continue to Bless you sir. And to our donors. They should remember we rise by lifting others. May they continue to rise and never fall. Ameeen


I want to appreciate every member of the Benola Initiative Board, the team members and the donors. I just received an alert of #20,000. You have been wonderful people. Putting smile on my family face and others. God will continue to prosper and move you forward. God will continue to take Benola higher and higher in Jesus name. I'm so so grateful. God bless you, Daddy; God bless Benola; God bless us all.


I just received the sum of 20,000 naira yippee. On behalf of my daughter we say I big thank you God bless Benola, God bless you sir. May God always show up for you at the time of your needs. Thank you, thank you.




Wao waoo I was credited with #2000 by Benola8th, My gratitude to you Daddy and all members of your family and the crew members,may Almighty God meet you at your point of needs, Thanks you so much.


#20000 received Hiqma is saying thank you Daddy and may God bless Benola family.

( H.I.M)

Alert of 20k receive with thanks on behalf of my daughter and family,we are saying a big thank you to benola family and to all the donor's we say God bless you all we love and appreciate all that you have been doing for us all and we'll never take it for granted.


Alert of N20,000 received by me from Benola Initiative, me and my daughter saying thank you so much Daddy, thank you Benola team


The Eagle has landed!!! 20,000 alert received with many thanks. God bless Benola cerebral palsy foundation and God bless all the donors.


I just got alert of #20,000 from Benola. Thank you, thank you and thank you Benola. God bless you real good and visit you with pleasant surprises this season and always. We are most grateful..


Jesus! i just got alert of 20k. Daddy I say my God will continue to bless you and ur household in Jesus might name i and my son munachi really appreciate dis kindness thanks very much Sir


I just got alert of 20,000 mighty thousand naira oh. God bless Benola and the team. Indeed you are God's sent and God will see to your needs as you have shown your heart towards us. We appreciate you Sir and the team. God bless you more.


Words are not enough to describe what Daddy Benola and his family are doing for us in this group. Putting smiling faces on people's faces this Christmas. God will continue to bless you sir. Our hearts prays for you and your family. I just got my own alert of #20,000. Yipeee


I'll like to once again appreciate the Benola Group and the donors for the very kind gesture. A special thanks to Daddy Gbadebo for making this possible ,I just received an alert of #20,000.Thank you for helping us on this journey, I'm so so grateful. God bless you Daddy Gbadebo God bless Benola.


Alert received ooo....hmmmmmm...i was short of words ma/sir..may almighty God continue to protect, lift and take Belona to higher and higher heights in Jesus're indeed a true friend to us...especially to me.


Dear admin sharing money on Thursday is really bad oooo I have checking while typing and reading All same my daughter Gilda and I are really appreciating you for including us in this gift of #20k May God God Almighty bless you richly in Jesus name Amen.


How you can help

Cofounder Benola, Mrs. Alaba Adeyemi Gbadebo reaching out and touching lives

Being a Non Profit organisation, we rely entirely on voluntary contributions from well-meaning individuals and organisations to carry on this vital work. To help, you may choose any of the options

So support us as generously as you can by making:

  • Donations in cash, or by bank transfer.
  • Give monthly by cheque or bank transfer.
  • Issue a Standing Order to your bank.
  • Give in kind.
  • Help organise a fund raising event.
  • Volunteer to serve in any way you can.
  • Arrange for us to make presentation about Cerebal Palsy to your organisation, club, school, or religious organisation.
  • Help spread the word.
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