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Our Strategy Expanded

We at Benola do not claim to be authorities on the subject of Cerebral Palsy. But having watched and helped our son live with the condition for over 18years, moving and living with him in different parts of the world and seeing first-hand, the reality of living with Cerebral Palsy, the gap that exists between life for those with limitations in developed countries and what obtains in a developing country like Nigeria, we appreciate the enormity of work that lies ahead of us if we are to make a success of this initiative. Therefore, and after due consideration of the options before us, we opted for the following courses of action;

Right from inception, we have continued to maintain a firm commitment to building in-house capacity in the relevant areas of Cerebral Palsy and other Developmental Disabilities with particularly emphasis on how these conditions affect families in Nigeria. One major result of that effort is the publication in February 2014, of a document, Benola’s Roadmap for Cerebral Palsy in Nigeria, which we earnestly believe will lead to the following in Nigeria and the rest of Africa;

As of date, Benola has succeeded in making great strides in the areas of Advocacy, Information Management, Counselling, Referrals and Capacity Building, with over 450 families spread all over Nigeria and a number of other African Countries, namely Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda who, mostly through our website and social media platforms, benefit from our services.

Further Plans 

We are currently looking for new ways to raise awareness about Cerebral Palsy, create a credible data base for the condition in Nigeria and other African countries, better options for providing care and support for affected families, engaging in capacity building for professionals in the health care sector on modern trends in the management of CP and the use of appropriate technology while in concert with other stake holders, we assiduously engage in advocacy for the rights of every individual living with limitations.

In addition, we are working to acquire additional capacity to be in a position to deliver the following additional services;